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The Basics of Graphic Design on Adobe Photoshop course is designed for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of graphic design and develop skills in using Adobe Photoshop software. The course covers basic design concepts and techniques, tools and features of Adobe Photoshop, color theory, and typography. The course consists of two months of teaching and one month of a project where students will apply what they have learned to a practical design project.

1: Getting Started
2: Interface Layout
3: Palettes
4: Toolbox
5: Selection Tools
6: Alteration Tools
7: Drawing and Selection Tools

8: Assisting Tools
9: Color Boxes and Modes
10: Basic Image Editing
11: Cropping
12: Resizing
13: Correcting
14: Sharpening/Softening 
15: Saving

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    Course Curriculum:

    Month 1: Week 1: Introduction to Graphic Design and Adobe Photoshop

    What is graphic design?
    Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
    Understanding the Photoshop workspace and tools
    Creating a new project and importing images

    Week 2: Basic Image Editing and Manipulation

    Image resolution, size, and file formats
    Using layers, masks, and blending modes
    Cropping, resizing, and retouching images

    Week 3: Working with Text and Typography

    Understanding font types, sizes, and styles
    Creating and formatting text layers
    Using typography to create visual hierarchy

    Week 4: Color Theory and Design Principles

    Understanding color theory and the color wheel
    Using color in design and its psychological effects
    Design principles: balance, contrast, alignment, and proximity

    Month 2:Week 5: Creating and Editing Shapes and Vector Graphics

    Introduction to vector graphics and shapes
    Drawing and editing shapes in Photoshop
    Creating custom shapes and vector graphics

    Week 6: Photo Manipulation and Special Effects

    Advanced image editing techniques
    Applying filters and effects to images
    Creating special effects and custom brushes

    Week 7: Designing for Web and Social Media

    Understanding web design and user experience
    Creating graphics for social media platforms
    Preparing images for web use and optimization

    Week 8: Designing Print Materials

    Designing for print: brochures, flyers, and business cards
    Understanding print resolution and color management
    Preparing print-ready files

    Month 3:Week 9-11: Project Work

    Students will work on a project that applies what they have learned in the course to a practical design project.
    The instructor will provide guidance and feedback throughout the project.

    Week 12: Final Presentation and Feedback

    Students will present their final project to the class and receive feedback from the instructor and classmates.
    The instructor will provide a final review of the course content and answer any remaining questions.

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