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Faculty of Initial Public Offering

Welcome to ATAFOM University International’s PreIPO course!  

PreIPO stands for Pre-Initial Public Offering, which refers to the period leading up to a company’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). During this phase, a company prepares to go public by offering shares to the public for the first time.

PreIPO courses hold immense significance in today’s finance industry, as they offer aspiring professionals a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the pre-public offering stage. 

These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, and other crucial financial transactions, as well as the factors influencing a company’s decision to go public and the regulatory requirements involved. 

By enrolling in ATAFOM’s PreIPO courses, students will gain practical insights and theoretical knowledge, which will equip them to make informed decisions and succeed in the finance industry. These courses will make excellent stepping stones towards a rewarding career in finance and a must-have for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the finance industry.

Our different PreIPO courses are designed to provide young students with a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry, focusing on the crucial pre-public offering stage.

The various PreIPO programs include –

  1. Bachelor of Science in PreIPO (B.Sc.)
  2. 3-month PreIPO certification course
  3. 6-month PreIPO certification course
  4. 9-month PreIPO certification course
  5. One-year diploma course

By taking up the PreIPO programs combined with theoretical knowledge and practical insights, students will gain a deep understanding of the factors influencing a company’s decision to go public, the regulatory requirements involved, and the strategies employed by financial institutions to facilitate successful IPOs. 

Join us at ATAFOM University International and take the first step towards a rewarding career in finance!


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Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor of Science in PreIPo (B. Sc.)

  • 4 Years
  • 8 Semesters
  • 240 ECTS Points
  • Educational Language - English
Greetings from the Dean of the Faculty of Initial Public Offering

Prof. David Grzan

I am privileged and honored to have been appointed by ATAFOM University International as Dean of the Faculty of Initial Public Offering (“IPO”). My passion is to prepare students for success in their chosen careers and lives by teaching financial literacy, a force multiplier for thriving in virtually any profession, vocation, business, or domestic endeavor. That said, for those students who aim to make their mark in the world through a career in finance or, more specifically, in private equity, investment banking, venture capital, alternative investments, or perhaps as a founding entrepreneur of a startup company with aspirations of crowning their ambitions with an IPO. I especially wish to help prepare those students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

An IPO is the process of offering a private corporation’s shares, or ownership, to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. The iconic acronym IPO is synonymous with the capital formation process, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial spirit. The IPO curriculum will compass that and other pathways that drive the capital formation process, wealth creation, and entrepreneurial spirit to include alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and private debt, as well as tangible assets such as real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and art.   

Our IPO curriculums are not just about theoretical knowledge. They are about practical skills that will prepare you for the real world. You’ll learn how to form and found a start-up company, build teams, pitch to capital, fund companies and projects. You’ll gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, web3, tokenization, smart contracts, NFTs, AI, and how digital currencies and decentralized finance are challenging the status quo. You’ll also develop a deep understanding of private exchanges, regulatory and compliance matters, corporate governance and ethics, intellectual property protection, financial analysis, engineering and modeling, and why some pre-IPOs become unicorns poised for an eventual IPO or some other exit strategy.

The IPO space is a world of endless possibilities waiting to be explored. With over 55,000 companies listed on stock exchanges worldwide and every company having to go through the IPO process, the opportunities for companies to capitalize on the IPO experience are as vast as they are exciting for issuers and investors alike. And that’s not all. The growth of the alternative investment industry is approaching the $20 trillion mark, and the secondary markets for private market securities are set to revolutionize the financial world with significant advancements in price discovery tools and creative provisions for added liquidity in otherwise illiquid markets. Join us at ATAFOM University International, and together, we’ll dive into the exciting world of IPOs and alternative investments.

Best regards,

Prof. David Grzan


PreIPO Certification

We provide comprehensive and innovative educational programs at the Faculty of Initial Public Offering in PreIPO, expert insights, and valuable resources to help investors understand and confidently navigate the pre-IPO market.

The PreIPO Certification courses and also the bachelor’s degree program are dedicated to informing everyday investors about the pre-IPO investment area.

The innovative educational programs at the Faculty of Initial Public Offering  cover everything from the basics of the pre-IPO market to advanced investing strategies, helping our students make informed decisions and unlock the potential of pre-IPO investing. Dive into our educational programs and start your special journey into the very special world of finance today.

Discover valuable news and expert analysis on the latest trends in the world of finance and investing.

Unlock the Knowledge of Pre-IPO Investing.

We look forward to counting you among our first students!

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