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Established to be the best ATAFOM University International Take A Look ATAFOM Abbreviation Be a part of our history ATAFOM University The ATAFOM University International was founded in 2020 by the visionary Sakir Yavuz for the benefit of the world's youth under the motto “Education for Integration” with the aim of “Established to be the best”. Education for Integration ATAFOM Staff From experience for experience Learning foreign languages ​​as part of modern education ATAFOM Language Academy

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New Semester in Academic Year 2024/25 applications are now open

We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career – to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

ATAFOM University visited Nigerian University Commission - NUC

ATAFOM University Newsletter

Central African President
Greetings of the Central African Republic President

His Excellency

Prof. Faustin-Archange Touadéra

Dear Students, Lecturers, and Parents,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you here on ATAFOM University’s website.

The Central African Republic has been supporting Mr. Sakir YAVUZ since 2017 in founding an international educational institution with modern campuses, institutes, research centers, and language schools for in-person, online, and distance education which will be oriented towards catering to humanitarian, social, and economic needs of the world.

The Central African Republic will expand with ATAFOM UNIVERSITY – in terms of the mobility of international students and lecturers – and thus strive for an important position in the international educational landscape.

The ATAFOM University centers enable students in the Central African Republic to obtain educational degrees that are jointly awarded by Atafom Unversity and international institutions.

I am very proud that ATAFOM University will be a meeting place for the children of this world in the Central African Republic, for university, science, and research education.

On behalf of the Central African Republic, I would like to thank the founder, Mr. Sakir YAVUZ, for choosing the Central African Republic as a location for founding the Atlantic African Oriental Multicultural “ATAFOM University International”

Dear students, lecturers, and parents, I wish all of us good luck and success with ATAFOM UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL.

President of the Central African Republic

Dr. Jean-Laurent Syssa-Magale.jpg
Greetings of the Central African Republic Minister in Charge of Higher Education, Research Scientific and Technological Innovation

His Excellency

Dr. Jean-Laurent Syssa-Magale

Welcome to the ATAFOM University International Website!

The implementation of the vision of Professor Faustin-Archange Touadéra, President of the Republic, Head of State, to think outside the box and transform the Central African Republic to lay the foundations for shared and inclusive prosperity require strong actions to consolidate a more inclusive society, building a more open economy, expansion of the education sector using beneficial technologies and better capacities for the populations.

In this context, the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation (MESRSIT) is working to promote the development of human capital through the strengthening of the national system of Higher Education, scientific research and technological innovation, the diversification, modernization and articulation of training programs to the needs of the economy with a view to increasing the Training / Employment match as well as employability through highly qualified university degrees such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees and doctoral studies with doctoral degrees in English from the new university ATAFOM University International.

I am convinced that the Central African Republic is equipped with ATAFOM University International, which has a state-of-the-art university campus, a sophisticated laboratory and a competitive international training program by high-profile, successful internationally known and recognized professors, lecturers and business people, which focus on technological innovation and the knowledge that is required for contemporary jobs is concentrated very quickly to become one of the best poles in the world of scientific and professional training, the production of scientific knowledge and technological innovations.

Therefore, I would like to assure you, dear students from all over the world, that you have made the right choice in opting for ATAFOM University International, even the best choice of your life, because the knowledge and know-how acquired here depends on your competence , Your employability and consequently the quality of your entire life, and I congratulate you on it.

I take this happy opportunity, on behalf of the Central African Republic, to express my sincere thanks and my deep gratitude to the ATAFOM University Founder and President Mr. Sakir Yavuz for the friendly establishment of a private, international, independent, open-ended, unrestricted, apolitical and non-denominational university to repeat in Bangui in the Central African Republic.

Thank you.

Minister in Charge of Higher Education, Research Scientific and Technological Innovation

Prof. Dr. Michael BAUER
Message from ATAFOM University Rector

Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer

After years of intensive preparations to find concepts, solutions and partners in order to find a sustainable contribution to improving the educational offer in Africa and worldwide, ATAFOM University International has successfully completed the Pilot Academic Year 2021/22 by accepting the first students and thus its doors for the global university world opened.

Currently working is in standard mode for the Preparation and Implementation of the Academic Year New Semester in Academic Year 2024/25.

Thanks to the support of the governments of many African countries, in particular the President of the Central African Republic, His Excellency Faustin-Archanda Touadéra, we have been able to process all organisational, financial and administrative matters so successfully that the first students have completed their studies with the Pilot Academic Year 2021/22 at ATAFOM University International. These experiences of the ATAFOM team are currently being incorporated into the organization of the Academic Year 2022/23.

A team is available for this successful start, consisting of ambitious, experienced and internationally known and recognized teachers and administrative staff to carry out all activities in teaching, from conveying the teaching content and organizing exams to the organizational, technical and commercial activities in everyday life at the ATAFOM University International.

The new Internet platform ATAFOM Online Campus has been designed as a decisive basis for the work of ATAFOM University International and as an information center for all teachers, employees and students and is permanently adapted to the new current requirements in the course of study at the ATAFOM University International.

I wish all students, parents, academic staff and employees at ATAFOM University International a successful and productive time together.

Rector of the ATAFOM University International

Sakir Yavuz President Message
Message from ATAFOM University Founder and President

Sakir Yavuz

“The success of every action begins in the head.”

This motto, which has pioneered my life as an athlete, businessman and founder for decades, has several essential meanings.

Success requires permanent focus, strong motivation and extreme dedication to achieve the goals. At the beginning of this century, I set myself the goal of creating a university that offers integrative education for as large a group of people worldwide as possible, regardless of their origin, skin color, gender and religious denomination. It is assumed that children of this world with different cultural backgrounds and countries of origin as well as languages should have the same right to education.

At ATAFOM University International, “Education for Integration” is to be developed, conveyed and lived. The team of internationally known professional teachers and experienced staff at ATAFOM University International will meet the highest international standards and do everything to meet and exceed all expectations and educational goals of our students when they embark on a Bachelor, Master or postgraduate degree and enroll at ATAFOM University International to learn a language with your own language certification. A digital innovation and knowledge campus of the ATAFOM University International – ATAFOM Online Campus, on which there is space for everyone willing to learn, will make it possible to build educational bridges between all continents.

I am very excited, very proud and very happy that I have made my dream of founding an international university come true.

I wish us all a successful start!

Founder and President of the ATAFOM University International

Education Services

Studies at ATAFOM University will initially only be held in English in the faculties in the New Semester in Academic Year 2024/25:

  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Economics
  3. Faculty of Information Technology
  4. Faculty of Initial Public Offering

offered exclusively as online.

The Study with all study courses offered takes place online in our ConiaSoft Online Campus.

Depending on the gradual structure of the  ConiaSoft Online Campus in Bangui, the courses are also offered in face-to-face form.

Bachelor’s and Master’s

The ATAFOM Bachelor’s degree programs in

  1. Media and Communications
  2. International Business Development
  3. Information Technology
  4. Faculty of Initial Public Offering

will be offered exclusively as an online offer in the Academic Year 2024/25.

The first ATAFOM Master’s degree programs are planned for the Academic Year 2025/26.

University Life

The ATAFOM University Campus will be built on a 707 hectares property with all associated infrastructure, security fences, with four main entrances in Bangui, Central African Republic. On the ATAFOM University Campus, education without borders will be conveyed and lived.

International Hubs

Our goal is to position ATAFOM University International as one of the leading brands in the entire world and also to be among the top 3 universities on the entire African continent within the first 12 years of operation.

Facts About ATAFOM Academic Year 2024/2025

Application are now open for ATAFOM Undergraduate Programs, ATAFOM One-Year Diploma, ATAFOM IT Courses of different kinds with 3 months Certifications and ATAFOM Language Courses for all Levels

Bachelor of Science in PreIPo (B. Sc.)

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts in International Business Development (B.A.)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc.- IT)

ATAFOM Language Academy - ALA


ATAFOM University International

We are a international University on the African continent and have started the Pilot Academic Year 2021/22. Preparations for the New Semester in Academic Year 2024/25 are currently underway and Applications are now open.

The entire study operation will be conducted in English and 100% online because of the international orientation.

For the student applicants who do not have sufficient knowledge of English, the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA  is offered, as a result of which the students receive the English language level in order to be able to attend the courses successfully, to understand the course content, to pass the exams and also internationally for professional purposes to be succesfull.

ATAFOM Active Faculties

The faculties

  1. Faculty of Art
  2. Faculty of Economics
  3. Faculty of Information Technology
  4. Faculty of Initial Public Offering

offer Bachelor’s degree programs in

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications (B.A.)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in International Business Development (B.A.)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc.- IT)
  4. Bachelor of Science in PreIPo (B. Sc.)

International lecturers and professors are used for the study operation. 



ATAFOM Language Academy

The prerequisite for studying at ATAFOM University is the minimum language level ALA-B2. Therefore, the English online placement test is carried out after applying to study at language level B2. This language test queries the current linguistic competence in the field of English and is used to assess the current and actual language level of the applicant. The duration of this language test is 20 minutes.

A wide range of language courses ensures a secure acquisition of language skills in English at university level. Native speakers are used as language teachers for the ALA’s teaching.



Submission of the online application:

Upload the registration form including all files

Examination of the application documents;

Confirmation of prenotation with a request to pay the registration fee

Confirmation of receipt of payment of the registration fee and

sending of the access data for the Level test English by the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA


a) test result with the assignment to the bachelor’s degree study or to the language academy

b) the request for payment of the tution fee

c) the notification of enrolment with the necessary access data for the ConiaSoft Online Campus

Payment of tution fee

Beginning of study

ATAFOM Type of Study

  • Full – Time
  • Online
  • In English
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About Our University

ATAFOM University International has been established by Sakir Yavuz, with a vision of education for integration that offers interested young people an open educational platform.

We look forward to counting you among our new students!

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