Your dreams can come true 

only when you dare to pursue them. 

Walt Disney

Have you ever dared to dream?

Have you ever clipped out newspaper pages and glued them on a vision board?

Have you ever daydreamed and then let the thought go, telling yourself it was just a thought and that it couldn’t possibly happen? There is no question that only the brave achieve their dreams. They leave their comfort zone and devote time and effort to achieving their goals. Do you want to become one then?

Let me share the dream of a young man by the name of Dr Sakir Yavuz. Since 1980 Dr Yavuz had a dream, a deep desire to provide all young people in the world with university education at the highest international level of education standard with equal opportunities. At the inception of the dream, all he had was passion and focus. Over 40 years, he worked on many other projects and met many people, but despite this, he never lost touch with his vision to found a modern global, independent university outside his home country. Can you imagine how many setbacks he must have faced over 40 years? How many times the thought to ‘give it up, this can’t possibly work” must have crossed his mind? Then one day, the opportunity came. Dr Yavuz courageously shared his vision with one, another, then another and they liked it. They bought into a vision that had been in the keg aging like fine wine, sweeter with each passing day. With the vision, the right people bearing a similar passion and sharing his dream courageously as he did, the dream was set for reality. In 2020, his dream came true. ATAFOM University International started its pilot year with a few courses and an international set of lecturers and students. So, can dreams come true? Dr Yavuz, through ATAFOM University International, says “Yes they can! Look we did it!”

ATAFOM University International is encouraging you to push yourself a bit.


Yes, this is apparent and we all know it. When things get difficult, uncertain, or possibly unachievable, we frequently go oppositely. We frequently make a U-turn because we believe that nothing will go our way. But hold on, have you ever tried following through, even when it gets difficult and seeing what successes lie therein? You better believe it, for when you dare to pursue and achieve your goals, every dream becomes a reality. You may receive encouragement, a speech of inspiration, or some good examples from others. However, the ball is in your court, and you will need to kick it strongly to make it fly high. Nothing can make it more memorable when you do this than joining ATAFOM University where we know what it means to make dreams come true. When you dream, remember that: 

an internal struggle is where courage first manifests itself.

Each of us has a unique drive to realize our dreams. And that spark frequently starts an internal struggle about whether to press on or give up halfway. Make sure you find your spark and feed it with the best possible positive energy. The real strength to achieve everything you have desired is courage. Trusting in yourself, your efforts, and your tenacity is what courage entails. Do you think highly of yourself? Do you have self-love? If so, stir your feelings with courage, sprinkle on some assurance, and sip it with self-assurance. Take the initiative and go for your ambition because staying put will prevent you from moving about.

ATAFOM University International – Your Better Future Begins Here!

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