The Goldlist Method: What is it? I’ll give a brief description of this strategy for people who have never heard of it. David J. James created the Goldlist Method as a way to learn new words or phrases. You should make a list of 20 words or phrases that you wish to remember and write it down every day for 14 days. You go back to the original list after those 14 days, on day 15, and in principle, you should recall at least 30% of those words or phrases. The words from the initial list that you couldn’t recall will subsequently be written down. All 14 lists are again traversed in this manner. The procedure is repeated after the second 14-day interval. It will take 52 days to finish all four rounds of lists, and by the end, you should be familiar with 280 words or phrases.

Advantages: Let’s start with the advantages of employing this strategy for language learning. To study more effectively, write phrases rather than words. It is possible to list merely words, but doing so is less effective and won’t give you the greatest advantages. Additionally, you must pick the words and phrases with care, making sure that they apply to you and your English proficiency at the time.

The fact that you must use this approach daily is a huge advantage. It forces you to continue being consistent throughout your language-learning process in this way. Your ability to improve your language skills will mostly depend on your consistency. Additionally, it is quite rapid, taking just a few minutes per day to finish. It can be done anywhere, which is quite useful. The Goldlist Method may be applied with very few obstacles in terms of time and resources, which is a huge plus. The fact that it works is what matters most, though. You’ll be able to recall nearly all of the 280 phrases you jotted down if not all of them.

Disadvantages: How could there be a drawback to this approach if you can easily learn 280 phrases in the English language? There are a few things to think about, though, before choosing to employ this approach. First off, you’re not learning so much as memorising, meaning that at the end of the last cycle, you will just know those exact 280 phrases unless you actively strive to grasp the words and sentence structure of the phrases. However, you may easily create an almost endless number of sentences if you employ a different technique and master grammatical structures in addition to word lists.

Another problem is that this method does not enhance speaking or listening abilities unless you recite the word list or get a native speaker to record the sentences for you. Speaking and listening abilities are important depending on your goals, but for many individuals, learning a new language revolves around being able to communicate.

The Goldlist Method can be a challenge for you if you are not motivated and committed to the daily schedule. A good method that is foolproof with all-around advantages for a quick means to learning the English language is found in ATAFOM University International’s Language Academy (ALA). Based on the known fact that English is an internationally recognized lingua, ATAFOM University International’s Language Academy has created different levels of learning English based on your proficiency and goals. We make learning the English language simple and quick to learn. To study more effectively, learn the English language at ATAFOM University International’s Language Academy. You’ll be proficient in written and spoken English in no time at all. Extraordinary things are always hiding in places people never think to look” (Jodi Picoult). ATAFOM University International is the extraordinary place you have been looking for.

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