Course Description

Master the essential skills needed for designing, implementing, and managing databases using
SQL. This comprehensive course covers from basic database concepts to advanced data
manipulation and optimization techniques, preparing participants to effectively manage and
utilize data in real-world applications.

Course Requirements

No prior experience with databases is required, but familiarity with basic programming concepts
is beneficial. Participants need access to a computer with internet to practice SQL queries and
interact with databases.
8 / 10
Detailed IT Certification Courses Descriptions


Assessment involves hands-on exercises, weekly quizzes, and a final project where participants
will design and implement a database schema for a hypothetical scenario.

Skills Developed

Skills in SQL query writing, understanding of database architecture, proficiency in managing
data, and ability to optimize complex queries for performance.
Benefits of the Certification Program

Certification in this course demonstrates a practical understanding of database systems,
significantly boosting employability and expertise in data management roles.

Training Structure

The course utilizes a mix of theoretical instruction and practical application, including live
coding sessions, video tutorials, and interactive exercises.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum includes an introduction to relational databases, detailed exploration of SQL
syntax and commands, and advanced topics such as transaction management and performance

Curriculum Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction to Databases and SQL
Week 2: Basic SQL Queries and Operations
Week 3: Advanced SQL Queries and Join Operations
9 / 10
Detailed IT Certification Courses Descriptions
Week 4: Database Design and Normalization
Week 5: Implementing Indexes and Transaction Management
Week 6: Midterm Exam: SQL Queries and Database Design
Week 7: Stored Procedures and Functions
Week 8: Handling Large Data Sets and Performance Tuning
Week 9: Security Practices in Database Management
Week 10: New Trends in Database Technology
Week 11: Capstone Project: Designing and Deploying a Database
Week 12: Final Review and Examination

Overall Conclusion:

Participants will finish the course with comprehensive knowledge of SQL and database
management, ready to apply these skills in various technical roles across industries

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