Course Description

Dive deep into the cokilncepts of neural networks and deep learning with this intensive course. You’ll learn to utilize Python and Pytorch for building sophisticated models that can recognize patterns and make intelligent decisions. The course covers various architectures including CNNs, RNNs, and reinforcement learning, providing hands-on experience with real-world datasets.

Course Requirements

Knowledge of Python programming, basic calculus, and linear algebra are prerequisites. A computer with a high-performance GPU and internet access is required for the practical exercises.


Evaluation through weekly programming assignments, quizzes, a mid-course project focusing on a specific type of neural network, and a comprehensive final project involving a real-world problem.
4 / 10

Detailed IT Certification Courses Descriptions

Skills Developed

Skills in developing and training advanced neural networks, practical data handling, model optimization, and deployment of AI solutions.

Benefits of the Certification Program

This certification will significantly boost your qualifications in the field of AI and machine learning, preparing you for roles that require deep technical expertise in building and managing AI systems.

Training Structure

The course offers a blend of theoretical lessons, practical labs, and project-based learning, facilitated by experts in the field.

Course Curriculum

Starting with the basics of neural networks, the course progressively covers advanced topics and applications of deep learning, culminating in a capstone project.

Curriculum Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Week 2: Python and Pytorch Basics for Deep Learning
Week 3: Fundamentals of Neural Networks
Week 4: Building and Training Neural Networks in Pytorch
Week 5: Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
Week 6: Project Work- Implementing CNNs
Week 7: Exploring Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
Week 8: Advanced Deep Learning Models (GANs and Autoencoders)
5 / 10

Detailed IT Certification Courses Descriptions

Week 9: Reinforcement Learning Basics
Week 10: Deployment of Deep Learning Models
Week 11: Group Project on Real-World Applications
Week 12: Final Presentation and Review

Overall Conclusion

Graduates of this course will be well-prepared to tackle complex challenges in AI, with the ability to implement and innovate cutting-edge AI technologies.

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