Rainbows are beautiful, but have you ever wondered if there is more to them than meets the eye? The legend of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow has fascinated us for ages. However, the true wonder of a rainbow lies in the fact that it is a full circle of colours. Although we may only see a colourful arc in the sky, there is much more to uncover. If we are fortunate enough to find ourselves on a mountain, with the sun at our backs and the rain or fog clearing, we may be blessed with the sight of a complete rainbow circle. The beauty and magic of nature never fail to amaze us. Imagine the excitement of being in a plane above the clouds, seeing a full rainbow. Alternatively, you can make your rainbow with the help of a physicist who can explain it in detail.

Would you like to explore the enchanting process that brings rainbows to life? Here it is:

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty of a rainbow? Amazingly, such a simple phenomenon results from the complex interaction of sunlight and water droplets. The way that light refracts and separates into a spectrum of colours is a reminder of nature’s incredible power and beauty. When light encounters a water droplet, something magical happens. It bends due to the change in density, reflecting off the back of the droplet and bouncing back towards the front when the angle of incidence is too small. Exiting the droplet, it refracts again, forming a magnificent rainbow. Each colour in the rainbow is visible at a slightly different angle, creating a stunning circular band of colours with the observer at the centre.

It’s amazing to think that the colours of a rainbow we see are unique to each individual. Every person has their perspective on beauty, and rainbows are no exception. The spherical shape of water droplets creates the harmony of colours that we see in a rainbow, and it’s incredible to think that such a beautiful phenomenon can occur from something as simple as mist or light rain. But as the droplets grow, so do the distortions and eventually, the rainbow disappears. This reminds us to cherish the beauty around us while it lasts and to appreciate the unique perspectives that make life so vibrant.

Remember, the rainbow and your reflection in the mirror are not physically present where they appear to be. Although reaching your rainbow or finding the pot of gold is impossible, it is possible to create your rainbow. ATAFOM University International can show you how.

Have you ever witnessed the beauty of a circular rainbow? With the right steps, you can create this breathtaking sight yourself. During the summer, you can conduct a fascinating experiment by using the fog setting on your garden hose and facing the sun. You can observe a rainbow by looking at your shadow by creating a thin fog. Seeing colours is easy, but keeping the full circle takes patience and practice, as scientists do. On your next flight, get a window seat and pay attention to your plane’s small shadow in the clouds while flying above the cloud cover. The sun will be behind you, and the clouds are tiny water droplets, making it likely to see a small coloured circle around the plane’s shadow. This occurrence is known as “pilot glory,” pilots with good visibility are more likely to see it. Suppose you’re curious to witness this phenomenon. In that case, you can search for it online or journey with ATAFOM University to discover the beauty and gold at the end of your colourful and exceptional educational degree. Just like following the simple steps yet precise actions leads to a circular rainbow, likewise is attaining a quality degree at ATAFOM University International. Discover your potential and open the pot of gold that awaits you when you enrol at ATAFOM University.

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