By Comfort Bulus

Writing is for everybody who needs to focus, not only authors or people who make a profession from it. It works as a tool for increasing focus and productivity. Imagine losing your primary source of income and having to fend for yourself while focused on returning to your original purpose.

A study of over 100 laid-off senior engineers discovered that individuals who wrote for 20 minutes each day, focused on their sentiments, thoughts on the financial implications of job loss, and next steps, were more successful in their job hunt. The “writing group” discovered that only 19% of the first group had obtained full-time work after eight months. In contrast, 52% of the writing group were successful in their job hunt and reported drinking less as a coping strategy. The study emphasises the value of writing for communication, focus, clarity, and productivity.

Writing and journaling can help you organise your thoughts and achieve your goals, regardless of life’s distractions. It can help you focus by providing clarity, helping you to complete tasks more quickly, and increasing your self-awareness. Writing out your top priorities for the next day will help you wake up with greater energy and focus. This practice allows you to do jobs more quickly and with less mental effort. Writing is also for personal fun, expression, and progress. AI writing cannot accomplish this, hence it is critical to continue writing even if you use AI in your work. Writing about your thoughts and feelings puts you in a meditative state, which increases self-awareness and improves attention.

Writing about obstacles and dilemmas allows you to analyse events, assess advantages and cons, and make the best judgements. It also helps to relax and relieve stress by expressing feelings and thoughts on paper. Making notes in a diary or note-taking app can help you recall and apply new information, enhance your thinking, and discover new connections and perspectives. Writing about goals allows you to live the life you desire by focusing on the why behind them. For example, I realised that while I had a long-held desire to live somewhere warm, the environment was not the most significant factor to me and that writing about my goals helped me better understand my priorities.

Social pressure can cause feelings of inadequacy, especially when others have Instagrammable lives. Writing can help you focus on what’s genuinely important, eliminate needless desires, and provide direction on what to work on, resulting in better productivity and enjoyment.

Researchers discovered that writing improves focus since the “writing group” responds to fewer job applications and concentrates more on the quality of their application. This approach assists individuals in determining their preferred company and value, making their job applications more desirable. Writing is a fantastic antidote to the world’s obsession with more money, time, and possibilities because it grounds people and helps them focus on what is truly important.

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