I have recently been experiencing conflicting emotions regarding how I spend my free time. Despite feeling guilty about engaging in leisure activities such as playing video games and browsing social media, I devote approximately eight hours daily. This internal conflict has left me confused and needing clarification about how to proceed. As someone who has always been passionate about reading and writing, I am squandering valuable time that could be better spent engaging in more productive activities. I have even resorted to using cheats in video games to expedite my progress, albeit temporarily. However, this short-lived sense of gratification is often overshadowed by feelings of remorse and regret.

Given the above, it is time to reassess my priorities and make a concerted effort to change my life positively. On a different note, though, how are you doing today?

I have noticed a shift in my personal preferences towards productivity. The inclination to engage in unproductive activities such as playing video games or browsing social media has diminished as they no longer provide a sense of satisfaction. The desire to achieve something meaningful has replaced these indulgences. My consumption of tea inspires me to read or write, leading me to make my tea breaks more productive. Similarly, I have replaced socializing or gaming with solitary walks and writing during social visits. These routines have become habitual, and my body has adapted to support my productivity. 

It is worth noting that habitual activities significantly impact our behaviour and define who we are. For instance, if one writes every day, they are a writer, and if one reads every day, they are a reader. The body adjusts to these activities, making it easier to engage in them and experience a sense of satisfaction without guilt. Therefore, it is essential to cultivate productive habits to ensure that the body supports our efforts. Taking the initiative to engage in daily productive activities can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Embarking on a new habit may present an initial challenge for 14 to 21 days. Still, both body and mind can adapt and facilitate the process with persistence and commitment. To overcome unfavourable habits, it is recommended to aim for 21 days, as this period has been known to yield significant changes in one’s life. Individual actions reflect personal identity. Therefore, recognizing the need for change should be an opportunity to initiate transformation. One may discover that the body and mind naturally align with this new positive behaviour by cultivating positive habits.

At ATAFOM University International, we know that facing initial challenges when starting something new is normal. We are here to encourage and walk with you so you don’t let them get you down! Keep pushing forward, and things will get easier with time.

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