There Are Only Two Times in Life: NOW and TOO LATE

There Are Only Two Times in Life: NOW and TOO LATE

Words truly do have power. They have the power to hurt people or make someone’s day better by providing them with the encouragement they didn’t know they were missing. Words have the power to broaden people’s perspectives and alter their thinking. People who hear them may be inspired to pursue their aspirations and lead fulfilling lives. All of this is to imply that, just as it is important to be cautious about the words you use to communicate with others, it is also crucial to be thoughtful about the words you consume.

Self-improvement or motivation can be difficult at times. We must try to remember that it is a constant work-in-progress. Your skills and talents have been growing and developing ever since the day you were born. There are only two times in life, then and now. Each of these days should be cherished. If you want to make some changes in your life or your entire life, but are unsure of where to begin or, worse yet, how to begin, remember that your past can’t harm you if you don’t let it. Go forward with the appropriate mindset. Note that perception is projection. Live above the pit that people so frequently fall into and develop or change any behaviour that works or doesn’t work for you. Now is the time to navigate your way to a life filled with fulfilment, success, and clarity.

We frequently miss the tiny clues that could lead us to knowledge. This innate intelligence is what is aware of our needs. This inborn knowledge instructs us on how to proceed.

We all experience fear occasionally, but it is so tragic when that fear prevents us from taking any action. This statement does not refer to actual death. It conveys the idea that we all experience death while we are still alive. Being alive is preferable to being among the “living dead”!

Life is full of learning opportunities. It is full of events that teach us knowledge and understanding, but what if they are so painful that we become immobilized in the suffering and fail to advance? The biggest realization I have reached is that I have yet to meet anyone who has led a charmed life, and I am confident that this is true. Every single person I have ever encountered has gone through something in the past that has left them with scars, some of which are more terrible than others. What impact will these events have on their lives? Is the event itself what changed their lives? No! They will live the rest of their lives following how they interpret these experiences. Their turning point will be that. What has happened to us cannot be changed. We can only control how we perceive and react to these situations.

It is the significance we assign to these outside influences that harm us, not the events or people in our life. You are not harmed by your past. What hurts is the interpretation you give it. If you alter its meaning, your sentiments about previous experiences will also alter since your brain biologically reacts to changes in perception. 

Only after facing your fear can you truly have courage. By helping others, we can begin to heal ourselves.

Before the commitment, there is hesitation, the potential to back away, and perpetual inefficiency. There is a fundamental fact about all acts of initiative (and creativity) that many brilliant ideas and plans are snuffed out by ignorance: that when one firmly commits oneself, providence also moves. Different things happen to aid you that would never have happened otherwise. When a decision is made in one’s favor, a whole series of things happen, including all kinds of unexpected occurrences, meetings, and material aid that no one could have ever imagined would come their way.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), a German poet, dramatist, politician, and philosopher said Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now!

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