University life is full of chances for learning, discovery, and adventure but also of problems and roadblocks. Some areas of life necessitate more than just classroom instruction. Life hacks, such as study suggestions, space-saving ideas, and money-saving tactics, can make daily life easier and more comfortable. These ideas will assist students in thriving while finishing their degree and planning for the future.


Food hacks on a budget: Consider employing inexpensive food hacks at home to save money on food and drink. To create hot cocoa, sausages, or noodles, use an electric kettle or coffee maker. Fill the kettle halfway with milk and chocolate chips, bring to a boil, and stir. Stir in the dried noodles and flavouring packet. These quick and cheap dinners will help you keep on budget while also enjoying meals in minutes.

Make the most of your clothing space: This technique helps with university morning dressing without spending money on a new wardrobe or chest of drawers. Collect cold drink can tabs to make double or triple clothing hangers for free. Vertically store jeans and shirts in drawers. To eliminate heaps and make mornings easier, keep clothes separate from washing.

Use your time wisely: University students must manage their time effectively because deadlines might be burdensome. Writing a dissertation might be difficult, especially if you don’t have enough time. Create a routine for sleeping and studying, establishing a balance between both duties, to ensure a smooth university experience.

Maintain a budget: Staying on budget is essential for student living. Download a budget calculator and make a weekly and monthly expense list to balance social and academic duties. This assists in determining the required monthly amount and maintaining balance. The programme assists in tracking spending and ensuring that one’s budget is not exceeded. This method aids in striking a balance between social and academic commitments.

Maintain a planner: Student life can be stressful, causing you to lose sight of deadlines, fees, and other commitments. Download a planner app and schedule tasks according to classes, deadlines, and assignments to keep organised. This aids in completing projects and homework, as well as increasing enjoyment by crossing off responsibilities.

Make time for yourself: Balancing studies and extracurricular activities can be difficult for students. It’s vital to take time for yourself, whether it’s going out to eat, watching a movie, or relaxing in front of the TV. Stress can be managed by eating a nutritious diet, staying hydrated, exercising, getting enough sleep, and taking a break.

Get the loudest alarm clock: Students frequently experience sleep problems, miss classes, and fail examinations. To overcome this, purchasing a high-quality loud alarm can be beneficial. If your money is tight, an easy trick is to place your phone in a glass cup, which will wake you up to the alarm. However, the louder sound takes longer to turn off, which may necessitate getting out of bed.

Maintain a routine: Creating a daily timetable to schedule tasks and prevent flunking is a homework trick. This allows students to learn more effectively and complete their coursework on time. Consistency is essential for successful university life, as time management issues can lead to missed academic commitments, social activities, or sleep. Using lists as a life hack can help you avoid a cluttered lifestyle while also improving your learning and performance.

Use coloured pens to highlight your notes: Organizing and neatly displaying notes with different coloured pens and highlights can significantly enhance learning capabilities. This approach makes notes more accessible and helps students study faster, making them more effective in finding necessary information in lectures or notes.


These suggestions will help you improve your academic performance regardless of your educational level. The truth is that the average student may increase their performance and achieve more in their academic life by developing healthy habits. Students today are preoccupied and easily distracted. At ATAFOM University International, we attract students’ attention right away and assist them in fitting online training into their schedules. Furthermore, we use visual representations to demystify complex subjects so that students understand the knowledge taught.

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