You do not have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


The title above is a quote by Zig Ziglar that is quite profound. You don’t have to be great to start, but you must start if you want to be great, the adage said. I’ve heard this statement before, but until this morning, it hadn’t truly resonated with me. I’ve been pondering it all day, and I’m beginning to see what Mr. Ziglar means. It is quite logical, and overly rational so much so that I wish I had said it because it makes so much sense. I’d be a fantastic motivational speaker if I did that.

You don’t have to be great to start, a saying by Zig Ziglar that has become quite well known. He is best recognized for his work as a self-help book, motivational speaker, and salesman. His first novel was rejected 39 times before he finished writing more than 30 books. There must be a lesson here about trying new things and getting criticism to get better. 

“You don’t have to be great to start . . .”

Everyone aspires to excel in some area. Nobody aspires to be average.

It’s simple to picture yourself achieving your objective and enjoying your triumphs with friends and family. But it’s quite tough to accept that it will take you several months, years, or decades to reach your goal when you view the issue realistically. As a result, the majority of people never take the first move because they are too concerned with seeming attractive while doing so. They want to cut costs, but they also don’t want to drive a ten-year-old car in front of their friends. They desire to lose weight but do not want outsiders to witness their struggles when running a mile.

Every endeavor begins with a dream or a purpose. This typically clarifies your goal, which motivates you. We then start brainstorming ideas on how to accomplish this aim. Planning is, of course, a great idea and is also crucial. But is preparation really necessary? 

Your actions are the only thing that will provide you with feedback. Planning provides a viewpoint and a train of thought. It also aids in developing crucial inquiries. But eventually, you’ll have to decide that preparation is enough and it’s time to take action. 

The magic you want to use can be made exactly where things happen. 

Of course, not all the outcomes will be to your liking, but isn’t that part of doing something? There would be no purpose in starting anything at all if everything was done correctly from the beginning. 

Making a dream a reality is what makes it beautiful

if you are preoccupied with the goal, everything else may become a distraction. In the startup industry, we often argue that planning is not always as critical as execution.


“. . . but you have to start to be great.” Before you get lost, you must start someplace!

You’ll never finish if you never begin. That’s all there is to it. You won’t get anywhere until you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and move closer to your objective. Most individuals never start, therefore they never have a chance to be great.

Consider some of the projects you are currently working on as an example. The project might not look like you would want at the moment, but if you do not keep working on it, you might never improve. You’ll be able to explore more and attempt new things if you accept that it’s okay to fail at anything the first time you try it. The fact that you must begin is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.

We all have lofty aspirations in life. Unfortunately, despite how wonderful these dreams are, they are occasionally too huge to make a difference. Slowly, the dreams begin to resemble a massive task that can trap them and force them to discover a solution by using logic. Before you start to worry that I’m heading in the wrong direction, let me clarify that some dreams don’t fit neatly into a starting point structure. It’s almost like saying the dream is too huge to be organized into a formal plan, but you have to start somewhere.

Most dreams fall flat at the first hurdle because they are too big to comprehend. 

It all comes down to dividing the big picture vision into smaller goals and tasks. 

Not all talents are necessary at first. You don’t begin by signing up for the National Games if you want to be a good badminton athlete. You start by learning how to hold a bat, your stance, and your stamina. You also work through recognizing the opposition, developing the necessary abilities, and finally persevering. You won’t ever begin as the best athlete, but you will set off on your adventure.

Simply begin, then take it easy. Where it goes is always a mystery.

The main idea I want to emphasize in this piece is the undue pressure that striving for perfection places on us to accomplish our objectives. This pursuit of perfection can be so crippling that it keeps us from beginning anything at all.

I’d also like to emphasize how wonderful it is to start something while battling this counterproductive goal of perfection. This is effective in the startup environment, where you must start even if you don’t have all the answers. The goal is to simply designate a cut-off point rather than getting bogged down in the minutia and planning indefinitely. As soon as you get there, just go to work so you can get feedback to build upon. Otherwise, over-planning is a very easy way to become bogged down and make no progress at all, which is far worse!

It’s all about the journey

This must have been spoken to you a thousand times before. You could even find it annoying that most people focus on the road rather than the destination when discussing pleasure and success. Though overused, we can’t argue that it’s true. You discover your flaws and resolve them throughout these journeys.

You cannot base your route to success on failure. Small victories are what you need to build on; they show whether your efforts are bearing fruit. You take this as input and begin going ahead after that. Take on the obstacles and continue forward movement. Divide your dream, if you see it as the big one, into distinct accomplishments. Understand what these accomplishments and results entail. Keep in mind the wise words of John Wooden: Success is the peace of mind knowing that it is a journey!

You won’t achieve success if you wait until the end to complete the task. Start little, achieve success, and fail modestly. You don’t have to beat yourself up until you accomplish your objective. As you approach the destination, there are numerous victories to celebrate along the way.

Ideas on their own cannot win in the end!

I love ideas. But there are far too many concepts. Thoughts are circling everywhere we look. The majority of people share wonderful insights and information with you. Knowing is amazing, and knowledge is power. But unless you take action, it has no meaning. There is a reason you have all of this information and experience. You have it so that you can make the right choice like joining an esteemed institution like ATAFOM University International. We are looking for students who are willing to start and let us bring out the greatness embedded in them. There is a lot of information and experiences in the world today but few are able to offer the unique, affordable, convenient style of education attainable at ATAFOM University.

How can you use all this information to your greatest advantage is the question. Simply join ATAFOM University. On that note, let me paraphrase the quote for the day:

Starting doesn’t need greatness, but greatness requires starting. – Zig Ziglar

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