Plans by the Atlantic African Oriental Multicultural (ATAFOM) University International to open an Information Office in Cape Town, South Africa, have reached an advanced stage.

The ATAFOM University International Information Office in Cape Town is, next year, set to open its doors to young people regardless of their identity.  Therefore, young people in South Africa through the Information Office in Cape Town will have an opportunity to study at the ATAFOM University International and be exposed to an environment where the size of the student population is smaller than in a large scale public university. This equates to individual class sizes being smaller than most. As a result, the ATAFOM University International environment allows students to receive much more one-on-one attention from the lecturers and professors and students do not exist as just a number. At the ATAFOM University International, the opportunity for students to hide in the back of a lecture hall filled with hundreds of students is not available and it is not an option to skip classes as attendance is something that is noted regularly.

The ATAFOM University International’s values of integrity, service, excellence and team work guide academics to ensure that when a student is struggling with the course material they have their world-class lecturers and professors readily available for support and help. Lecturers and professors at the ATAFOM University International exist more as dedicated mentors and students are more dedicated as well. The end result is that the Information Office in South Africa will allow more young people in South Africa from all walks of life to study at an institution of higher learning where they can have a better understanding of the course material as well as better grades for the majority of the students enrolled. This is one of the reasons the ATAFOM University International will open an Information Office in Cape Town, and studying at this university is one easy and best choice a young person can make in life

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