How students can achieve academic goals from unsung heroes

Challenges are often inevitable in our everyday life where many people sometimes get discouraged in their attempts to pursue their dreams. University students like other people, also face same challenges in the course of their academic pursuit. However, many people including students don’t know that challenges in life are a test of resilience. 


What is significant for people is the ability to understand that every challenge can be overcome through various ways including unsung heroes who have overcome remarkable obstacles in their lives to achieve their goals.


For example, in honor of Democracy Day of a particular country, we consider the tales of people who have shown incredible brevity and tenacity. The stories of these people offer important lessons. They range from activists who battled for democratic rights of kids who overcome personal obstacles to their thrives academically. 


So, as students, it is important to know that even if you encounter with one form of challenge of the order, you are likely to become stronger if you are able to withstand any trauma, stress or challenge in your academic endeavor. This will in turn help you understand or learn from the previous failures, and thereby help you develop resilience we to succeed in academics, career, and life in general.


Students are therefore encouraged to draw inspiration from heroes who have remarkably done well in their communities so as to imbibe the spirit  of resilience in their own lives to achieving their dreams.

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