Tertiary student’s survival guides

More often than not, people embark on a journey to universities or other institutions of learning. In this journey, the students are likely to encounter challenges, difficulties, opportunities or new experiences. Below are some fuses that will help you survive during the adventure.


(1) Embracing Independence. This means you should take ownership of your decisions and actions, set boundaries with your peers and prioritize your needs and embrace new experiences and challenges as opportunities for growth.


(2) Look after your health. Make sure you eat nutritious and other healthy foods, and exercise regularly, get enough sleep and practice self-care activities, such as meditation and seek help from counseling services or support groups when needed.


(3) Staying Organize. Always use separate folders, notebooks, or binders for each class to keep track of assignments and notes. You are to record all your tasks, deadlines, and appointments in a planner or calendar and prioritize your tasks and focus on the most important ones first. This will help you understand what you have experienced during and achieve your desired goal during the period of your stay with the college environment.


(4) Participation- Make sure you participate in school clubs, organizations, or sports teams that align with your interests. You are also expected to attend campus events, such as concerts, festivals, or guest lectures. You should also volunteer for causes you’re passionate about and meet like-minded people.


(5) Connect with others. Introduce yourself to your classmates and neighbors and attend orientation programs and ice-breaking activities. You also try as music as possible to be Joining study groups or online forums to collaborate with peers.


(6) Time Utility:  Create a schedule that balances academics, social life, and self-care. Set realistic goals and allocate time for each task and avoid procrastination and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.


Once you are able stick to this guide, you are good to go! Your objectives would definitely be achieved.


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