I love to-do lists. They assist me in maintaining organization and helping me manage my thoughts. Additionally, crossing things off your list as you finish them is fulfilling. I would strongly advise keeping a to-do list if you don’t already. Why? Because they ensure that you complete what needs to be done. It helps to reduce tension and leaves you with a clearer head. You get to mark the boxes next to your duties as completed once done. Time is better managed when you use to-do lists. Another advantage of a to-do list is that it helps us use our time to make decisions that are best for us and our objectives. Simply put, they assist us in making “good” decisions.

What if, however, we had a list of “bad” choices; a list of things that, to be checked off, you must do nothing on it? Making excellent decisions and avoiding bad ones are equally crucial. I recently learned about a brand-new category of lists – a list of “bad” choices. A “Not-To-Do” list is what it is called. A to-do list’s literal opposite, yet just as significant. 

You can be setting yourself up for success by choosing just the “correct” or good decisions for the life you wish to create. One good decision a lot of young people are making today is registering with ATAFOM University International. Have you tried this “correct” option? Take note of the salient fact that after all that time and effort you put into decision-making, one poor choice could throw you off track and put you on a path that won’t lead you where you want to go.

So what are some items to write on a “Not-to-do” list?

  • Don’t let people lie (and if they do, politely explain why not to)
  • Never assume anything about anyone. Before passing judgment on someone, put yourself in their position.
  • Avoid becoming dependent on adult entertainment (18+ material). Never give up trying, ever. 
  • Avoid spending time with friends who are rude to you and make you feel unimportant.
  • Never try to pretend to love someone since it will only cause additional issues down the road.
  • Never, ever forget the friends and family who supported you when circumstances were tough.
  • Never, ever treat your parents rudely.
  • Never give certain people preferential treatment over others (because of their gender, religion, or race).
  • Never abuse animals… (in other words, please be kind to them because animals experience physical and mental anguish just like us!)
  • Unhealthy self-talk like “I can’t do this”
  • When things are difficult, give up.
  • Ignore your main principles.
  • Accept everything. Attempt to blend in. Not being your true self.
  • Keep resentments. Think too much and dwell too much in the past.
  • Give others the blame for your issues. Refusal to accept responsibility for mistakes.
  • Permit someone else to define success for you. Consider your idea to be foolish.
  • Not to communicate.
  • Avoid checking email for longer than three days. If you are on vacation, try to figure out an alternative action.
  • Plagiarize other people’s work.
  • Let the monkey of quick pleasure run everything. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Commit to what you know you won’t be able to keep. That means not honouring your promise.
  • Making excellent decisions is vital, but avoiding terrible ones is just as important. Making smart choices ensures a good life. You can stop yourself from making poor judgments by developing a “Not-To-Do” list. Knowing your talents (and limitations) can help you better understand yourself as you create our list. This is known as the “circle of competency” by Charlie Munger. Finding your basic beliefs might help you better grasp who you are and what to include on your list.

At ATAFOM University International, great minds from different nations and continents meet in a conducive environment to learn and grow. As iron sharpens iron so we sharpen ourselves as we discuss – listening and speaking constructively to each other and our professors. So, what’s your take on the list above? “To be or not to be?” is the question. Share your thoughts with us below. ATAFOM University sharpens your potential for a better world.

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