It can be difficult and frustrating to study. You can improve your studying techniques for your upcoming test or exam by using these pointers and tricks.

  • Exercise before a test – Exercise has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function. Dr Chuck Hillman’s research at the University of Illinois shows that exercising for around 20 minutes before an exam can boost performance.
  • Speak out loud rather than just reading – Try it even though you might think you’re crazy! You’ll be astonished by how much more you can recall after speaking it aloud. In a crowded library, do not attempt this.
  • Treat yourself – There are a variety of methods to include a reward system into your routines to help you learn how to study more effectively. You can use gummy bears as a simple study aid by taking one for each concept learnt.
  • Pass on your knowledge – Try teaching it to someone else to see whether you grasp what you’ve learned. Why not teach a class of stuffed animals if you can’t get anyone to listen to you explain what you have learnt?
  • Draw diagrams – By creating diagrams, you can more easily visualize information that is difficult to convey. You’ll develop a mental image of it that you can recall during an exam as a result. Get ready for your exam since you might even be asked to sketch or label schematics.
  • The fastest font to read is Times New Roman – Simply explained, Times New Roman is the standard typeface for a reason in most applications. It is easy to read and appealing to the eye.
  • Using apps to prevent distracting websites can help you stay focused. This is done by restricting websites for a set period. To make your life as a student easier, find apps that block distracting sites.
  • Watch a documentary about the topic – Documentaries are an enjoyable way to condense a long story into a brief amount of time. You’ll be better able to recall important points from a story this way, and you might even get credit for watching a movie on the subject.
  • Make flashcards for quick memory buzz to quickly assess your understanding of important terms, definitions, quotations, and formulas.
  • Take regular study breaks – When your brain is engaged, you need to take regular study breaks to aid in knowledge absorption and to help you stay motivated and focused. After 45–50 minutes of study, take a brief break because your focus and concentration will start to wane. Anything learned after 1 hour and 30 minutes also doesn’t get absorbed.
  • Make your study space portable – We may be conditioned to stick with preferred library seats, but switching your study location helps you retain more knowledge.
  • Avoid staying up late the night before an exam by getting enough sleep the night before. The information you have learnt while studying is assimilated by your brain while you sleep, so obtaining a good night’s sleep will help you remember what you need for the exam.
  • Jog your memory with scents or gum – It can seem a little strange, but one of the study techniques that can help you remember things when you use it again right before an exam is spraying a foreign scent while you’re studying. It functions the same way if you chew a peculiar kind of gum.
  • Dark chocolate – Similar to light chocolate, dark chocolate is excellent for regaining attention and extending your study session. It contains certain compounds that cause your brain to focus and work harder by releasing chemicals. Reward yourself with dark chocolate.
  • Blue ink white paper – Use this more for making notes as you get ready to study. The easiest way to remember what you read is to write on white paper with blue ink. Why wouldn’t you use blue ink if it helps you remember your notes 10% better than black ink? Your brain is being practically hacked to remember information.


Make the most of these study tips to get through those challenging study periods. ATAFOM University International wishes you the best of luck in putting this advice into practice and learning something new. For those of you taking examinations, our final bit of advice is to be optimistic. It’s incredible how a positive outlook may influence your exam performance or inspire you to finish that assignment when all you want to do is go to bed! Remember that there is only one path to happiness, love, success and wealth; it is the EDUCATION PATH (Dr Yavuz). At ATAFOM University, Education is one thing no one can take away from you. (Elin Nordegren).

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