To categorise people as good or bad is illogical. Either people are charming or uninteresting. We have probably encountered someone in our social circles who is famous and enjoyable. The individual’s specific personality type is characterised as a “charming” personality. The dictionary defines charm as drawing others to you or keeping them interested. The art of charm has a charming personality. Some people have an instantaneous ability to enchant others, while others develop this skill slowly over time. Although everyone has varying degrees of natural charm, the charm may be learned and developed through practice. One sacrosanct fact is that you can influence whether people like you or not.
To become charming, you must make eye contact in your conversations. You can influence someone by looking into their eyes. By staring at the person you are conversing with, you might gain confidence and make him feel like you find him to be very important. Throughout the exchange, keep your eyes open. Making contact with people enhances your appearance regardless of what you are discussing.
Another tip is to make an eye-contact smile. It is the most genuine because a polite grin cannot engage the involuntary muscles of the eyes that are used to smile. A genuine smile from the heart can only activate these muscles. In addition, if you grin after looking at someone, they will be immediately inspired by you.
Try to shake hands firmly. When you meet someone for the first time, shaking hands is a courteous method to indicate that you want to speak with them. You don’t want to injure someone’s hand, so grab firmly but not too firmly. You can let go once you’ve shaken hands. There are several places where handshakes are rare practice. Instead, they will express their interest in one another using appropriate body positions. A quick kiss on the cheeks or forehead and other body movements can be an excellent discussion starter.
Use friendly body language. So that you don’t come off as overly impatient to leave, turn to face the person you speak to. A simple touch can assist the discourse progress during a conversation by fostering openness. To stress a point, you could, for instance, lightly touch the other person’s shoulder. Also, consider whether a last hug or handshake is suitable before concluding the conversation.
Keep your tone in check. Your tone should be calm and direct, albeit soft. Express your ideas in a precise and concise manner. With a tape recorder, you could rehearse and then listen to it.
At ATAFOM University International, our staff are warm and charming. We welcome students who desire not only an excellent international standard of education but a holistic life experience. Our mentorship learning program embedded in a blended learning system is set in line with helping students meet their educational targets and fit into the globalised systems of the world. Focused and passionate about integration through education, you’re welcomed with a charming smile and a firm handshake of unity across boundaries and all barriers. ATAFOM University encourages you to use charm constructively rather than as a tool for control.
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