Three Superb Mental Techniques That Will Transform Your Life

Your daring goals have been established. You divided them up into daily activities and more doable milestones. Even so, you’ve made some strides. You then seem to run against a brick wall. The initial thrill fades. You’re finding it harder and harder to report for duty every day as a result. But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Your plan may only need a little modification to proceed.

The perception of gains and losses in the mind

A concept in behavioural economics is trait anxiety. It speaks to people’s decision to forgo receiving comparable rewards in favour of preventing losses. Losses are psychologically twice as thick as wins, according to Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, the scientists who first established this theory. A 10-dollar loss hurts twice as much as a ten-dollar gain, to put it another way. And fundamentally, that is what their research has shown. Off the record, they’ve said it is more like five to seven times as much. They simply wrote twice as much to elicit fewer objections.

What effect does fear of taking risks have on our creativity?

We frequently consider the benefits of achieving our goals when setting them. We’ll daydream of getting in shape, boosting our financial situation, getting admitted into a top-notch University, beginning a new job, and spending more time with our loved ones. All of these concepts could even be written on a vision board for daily reinforcement, and that’s okay. Loss aversion, on the other hand, serves as a reminder that we also need to consider what we stand to lose if our goals are not met. In comparison to a vision board, an anti-vision board will inspire you five to seven times more.

How can you inspire yourself despite your risk aversion?

The next time you want to motivate yourself to complete a lofty goal, don’t just focus on the potential benefits. Consider the chances of losing money just as much, if not more. Think hard about what you stand to lose if you don’t succeed in your goal. 

How much does the current route you seek cost you every day? 

What will the future hold for you if you don’t change? 

These inquiries can help you see the current circumstance as a setback. And if it does, you’ll be much more motivated to take action.

As a tip on the iceberg, I offer the last technique that proves next to none you’ve experienced before. It’ll ease your risk aversions, motivate, expose and introduce you to global opportunities from the comfort of your home. It’s simply known as Atlantic African Oriental Multicultural University International or ATAFOM University International. A borderless and cosmopolitan university that is set to improve the education offered to the world as a whole. This is a university that promotes the ideals of cross-border education with information offices and branches with campuses on five continents of the world. Regardless of your geography, culture, skin colour, gender or religion ATAFOM University provides equal opportunity for education to all. With our mentoring-based education system, we aim at not just learning through the enhancement of knowledge or skill development but we motivate a positive attitude formation. What better mental technique could change your life and elevate you to ‘worlds’ beyond, than a learning experience at ATAFOM University? Drink deep from this thought: 

“The success of any action begins in your head” 

(by Sakir Yavuz)

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