Winning is something you were born to do, yet it requires preparation, expectation, and planning. What people do makes the biggest distinction between losers and winners.

Everyone has the chance to succeed. Do not be deceived by looks. Some people are simply losers in disguise. A winner is someone who has put in their best effort, worked as hard as they possibly can, and drawn upon every ounce of strength and energy they possessed to succeed. They have given their best effort, which doesn’t imply that they succeeded or failed. That’s a winner!

Winning is a constant; it doesn’t happen occasionally. You don’t win occasionally, and you don’t do things just occasionally; you do them correctly always. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, losing is the same. In this world, I know a lot of winners. They are obvious whether they are members of my family, coworkers, athletes, or famous people who serve as my virtual mentors. They exude a particular vibe. They attract the attention of others. They are so simple to identify because winning is distinct. Winning is not an occasional phenomenon. Additionally, it is not a coincidence. It is the result of deliberately cultivated behaviours and qualities throughout time.

Winning is seen by many as a state of mind. But one that only exceptional people can cultivate. EFFORT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN TALENT! When talent is taking a break, an effort will help you win. When everyone expects you to give up, an effort will keep you going and when life knocks you out, an effort will help you get back up.

Winning is not some exclusive benefit available only to the LUCKY among us. If you ask all the losers, they’ll say it is luck, but that’s not true. When you have worked hard and no one is looking, winning is the prize you get.  It takes a champion mindset and a champion heart to win.

Know that if you cast me to the wolves, I’ll come back leading the pack.

When you get tired of losing, deep down inside, you start to win. Winning occurs when your desire to win outweighs your fear of failure. Winning is when your motivation is stronger than that of your rivals and when your hunger to succeed is higher. When your soul yells “NO!” “I refuse to wait any longer!” “I won’t settle for less any longer; I deserve to come in first. AND I WILL TAKE WHAT IS MINE! I will win.”

  • There will be times when it hurts.
  • It might even appear impossible at times.
  • But keep in mind that you can only fail if you give up. If you persevere and give yourself a chance…You can do it because choosing to be a winner simply takes a split second. It just takes a second.
  • To make a decision, all it takes is one moment.
  • A second to say no, saying never again.
  • I will never settle for less, and I will never accept anything less than first place.
  • A second to be strong.
  • A single moment set me apart from the other wins.

Winning is simply an attitude, but only exceptional people can cultivate that mindset! Are you willing to be exceptional? Are you ready to make a wise decision, not settling for less than the best? Then ATAFOM University International is where you should be. Winning is our attitude, our constant state of mind. We do not segregate or discriminate. Our doors are open to all and once you step in, YOU WIN and KEEP WINNING. With ATAFOM University International, your experiences will always be a WIN-WIN!

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