Every person has been given unique skills, talents, and capacities. We are diverse from one another since we have various interests and tendencies. One person might excel at music, but struggle with painting, while another person might excel at a dance but struggle with writing. Any artist’s creative form is the best and most significant to them. A painter’s sense of art can be the beauty of colours, yet the music is to a singer the most beautiful art form. This implies that the most beautiful kind of art in a creator’s eyes is the type of art that the creator creates. This does not, however, imply that other types of art are less important. Every person possesses a unique quality that sets them apart from others.

That buried talent does need to be developed over time, but once it is, it will undoubtedly shine the brightest. No one is preventing you from pursuing your goals. Everything depends on how much you want to succeed. The spark will stay lit until you reach the highest point currently possible if you are committed to what you’re doing and are clear on your goals. 

Many of us feel as adults that we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses. The truth is that we all have hidden talents—skills we don’t even realize we have. Simply put, we’re not always good at figuring out what they are. They may even be there in front of us at times and go unnoticed. How do you discover your hidden skills then? Try thinking back to when you were a child. Do you have any memories of things that thrilled you most? Think back for two minutes to your favourite elementary school moments. What contributed to those great moments? What recurring themes emerged? At age nine, were you an intensely competitive person? Perhaps you had a passion for soccer and looked forward to recess every day. It was your passion. You relished being able to sprint to the practice field and begin playing. 

Why do we choose certain options and favour particular pastimes? Why do we excel at certain activities more than others? You can find the answers to these queries by becoming aware of your special talents. Your special abilities help you understand why you make particular decisions, prefer specific pastimes, and excel at particular tasks over others. The likelihood that you and another person share the same top 5 skill themes is one in 33 million! So be aware that what excited you as a little child and what excites you now are pretty similar. Simply said, you’re applying the same talent themes—competition and strategy—in other contexts. Those experiences from elementary school are potent tales that show what your skills are and how to use them.

Are there times when you lose track of time? The answer to this question is another pointer to discovering your talents. Picture this: It’s Saturday at 9:00 a.m. You have all the time in the day to yourself. No carpool, no report cover sheets, no soccer games. You find yourself with some spare time on your calendar. You start your preferred activity. Perhaps it’s gardening, guitar playing, or writing that book. Perhaps it is Python programming for the side project you started months ago. Whenever you engage in this pastime, a tractor beam effect draws you in. Your body, mind, and intuition start functioning in perfect harmony. You can’t keep time. Before you know it, it’s 12:30 pm and you still haven’t thought about lunch.

Yes, pay special attention to instances like this. One of the main signs of flow is when you become so engrossed in a task that you lose track of time. Additionally, you are probably using one or more of your natural skills if you are in any degree of flow when working on a project.

Do you have a deep longing or desire to do something? What flame is now smouldering within you? There has never been a finer time in the history of humanity to start carrying out your life’s purpose than it is right now. Do you delight in writing? Cool. Create a blog. Are you able to crochet better than everyone in your community? Great. Produce some extra scarves and market them online. Do you experience extreme satisfaction just by thinking about meeting and connecting with new people? Perfect. Initiate a local executive meet-up in your community. Do you like all three? Better still. Create a regular gathering for knowledgeable crochet bloggers. Everybody should have daily access to their areas of expertise in an ideal world.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t think that way. Consider this. Eagles can soar between 75 and 125 miles per day in the wild. Elephants in the wild can go up to 50 kilometres each day. They’re not living their natural lives if the elephant or the eagle is confined in a cage. They are confined, choked, and smothered. Similar to this, millions of people are unable to carry out their everyday duties as intended.

What are your desires? Let me share our desires with you. ATAFOM University International is a unique institution on a mission to provide inclusive education for people worldwide. We provide equal rights to education irrespective of language, colour, ethnicity, gender or religion. We offer a positive environment for all our students which fosters creativity, innovation and healthy competitiveness. Our mentor-based education system provides students with learning through knowledge enhancement or skill development and also positive attitude formation. We have a unique talent for exceeding the expectations and educational goals of our students when they choose ATAFOM University International as their educational institute.

The path of life is not always clear-cut. It occasionally zigzags or circles. If we want to navigate the ups and downs of life, we must be conscious of our strengths. Our strengths provide us with the fortitude and clarity to battle mental demons and overcome obstacles in life. ATAFOM University International is willing to fan to flame every smouldering talent you have as you learn and grow through our international community. We look forward to hearing from you.

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