Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t. 

– Jerry Rice

This is a fantastic quote from an outstanding athlete who realized he had to act differently to excel and do what others could not do on the field. You are working hard to advance in life or even attain a higher level of education, much like Jerry Rice, and you want to succeed. But why don’t you receive any benefits? The solution is straightforward: You don’t stand out for merely exceeding expectations. The cost of success is living up to expectations. You will not stand out even if you put in a lot of effort and do everything that is required of you. You will be regarded as someone who completes satisfactory work, just like everyone else. Nobody with a successful life is ever viewed in this way. You must do what others won’t and accomplish what others can’t if you want to succeed in your life.

Making sure your contributions are more valuable than your compensation is the key to growing in life. You want to go above and beyond to establish yourself as a highly valuable member of a team that others cannot function without. This is not as difficult as it seems, and it will not upset the balance of your life that you’re attempting to keep. There are 4 simple things you can do to impress those in your immediate circle of influence and demonstrate that you are prepared to move on to the next stage of your life.

  • Entrepreneurial Vision: Understand the individual and team goals of your group; your counterparts’ strategies, current trends, and difficulties. Learn everything you can about your industry, school or friends if you want to impress. For instance, if you are a healthcare administrator, study how those techniques are used across your business and what innovations are elevating things to the next level rather than just learning the current best practices in patient scheduling and access. Above everything else, leaders value vision. Your sphere of influence should too. ATAFOM University International values your vision and we would like to help you realize it. You will be better appreciated for your recognition and execution of potential long-term benefits for your group and your life.  
  • Don’t wait to be trained, do it yourself. Many people wait to be trained by someone else when they can easily get some basic training on their own. Self-training should be pursued at your own pace. Many online classes are offered for free or at very little cost, so it doesn’t have to be pricey. Have you considered the affordable cost of education at ATAFOM University International? We won’t simply teach you, we’ll show you the ropes and give you tips to keep ahead of others from the convenience of your location.
  • In life, don’t just follow orders, take the initiative. You must be proactive if you want to impress. Fix any issues you find. Do what has to be done when you see it. Create a how-to manual for yourself and your friends. Analyze current procedures to identify areas for improvement, or do any other action you can think of to make a difference. Enhancing your current situation by taking the initiative to get an outstanding education at ATAFOM University is a fantastic method to create value in your life.
  • Develop relationships with people within and outside your sphere of influence. You will probably require assistance or advice from someone else at some point. Making connections with others is a great approach to success in life. An international community of lecturers and students at ATAFOM University International is a quick and easy way to broaden your relationship horizon. You can enrich and expand your sphere of influence by simply enrolling in one of our programs. Remember, the most effective encounters are virtually, usually those between people. By mentioning, “I know someone who can help us with that,” you can brighten anyone’s day.

Those that are willing to accomplish what others won’t are the ones who attain the most success. Similar to sports, life is fun when you win. Accomplishing what others can’t reveals that you know how to do the exceptional to achieve success. 

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