What do you consider to be your values? You must be aware of what values are in general before you can respond to this question. Your values are the things you hold dear in terms of how you conduct your life and career. They should help you establish your priorities, and they are likely the benchmarks you use to assess if your life is going in the direction you intended. Life is often nice when your actions and conduct align with your moral principles; you feel fulfilled and content. However, things start to feel…off when they don’t line up with your particular ideals. This may genuinely make you unhappy. This is why it’s so crucial to intentionally determine your values. Here are a few values worth holding in life.

  • Be Happy – No matter what, where, or when, decide to be happy. Regardless of what it is, approach everything with a sense of fun.
  • Don’t Over Think Things – Take a seat, consider your options, and if you can’t think of a solution in 10 minutes, do the next best thing! In 90% of cases, acting is preferable to contemplating!
  • Act without Speaking Up – Just Do It Rather than Apologize, Declare Your Resolutions to the Heavens, or Proclaim Everything You Want to Do. Show the world what you will do rather than tell them!
  • Always give your all – By living modestly, you get nothing. Either you give it your all, or you might as well change and stop. Give each moment everything you’ve got out of respect for your time.
  • Be Honest, especially with yourself – Lying only serves to draw you into the life of someone else. True, being honest can be annoying at times, but it will always result in a better life.
  • Choose your Path – In the end, you are the one who must accept how you lived because this is your life. Not interested in what someone else is offering? Don’t believe it, then!
  • Take Massive Responsibility – You stated that you desired to take action. Do it now! Without an accompanying action, words have no real meaning. Because it involves your life, it is your responsibility. Nobody else except you is responsible for how you spend your life.
  • Be Yourself – if you are unsure of what that means, determine it.
  • Never give up on the things that are most important to you – Once you find anything worth fighting for, give it your best. You will indeed stumble. Yes, you’ll fall short. Get back up. Only by remaining on the ground will the struggle end.
  • Enjoy – You only have one life to live, one chance to make this life count, and one chance to make it worthwhile. Make the impact you want to have on the world, learn to love your life, and laugh heartily and often. In the end, it’s up to you whether or not you lived a worthwhile life.

At ATAFOM University International, we have some core values which we believe in and promote.

  1. We aim to make it clear that the integration of other cultures enriches every society and every person as a part of a global society.
  2. Countless international studies in recent years have proven that every fifth student has no chance. At ATAFOM University, we have broken the jinx. We provide multicultural, cross-denominational and cross-gender integrative educational concepts. We value the fifth student. We do not discriminate and ensure that equal opportunities are achieved.
  3. We convey and live “education without borders” daily.
  4. We integrate, we do not marginalize.
  5. Our slogan “Education for Integration” is expressed through our integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.
  6. We are committed to humanitarian, social values and a high level of mutual respect.

These are a few of our core values. We know the importance of values and a vision for life. So ATAFOM University International invites you to register with us today. Remember:

Your values determine the moral output from your life. 

These moral outputs are unique to you and a combination of values 

with moral output is called “character”.

Join ATAFOM University today and let’s rebuild the characters of our societies through education.

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